Mobile Supervisor Portal


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Available via an easy-to-use mobile interface, the Mobile Supervisor Portal helps supervisors, team leaders and managers perform a myriad of employee management tasks – including: job-order documentation, work request creation and, work allocation and monitoring.

Managers and supervisors now have access to an intuitive portal that provides a detailed overview of their employee’s time, attendance and site-location. Supervisors can log in and approve timesheets, identify exceptions and verify payable hours.

Built with best-in-class Microsoft ASP .NET and Microsoft SQL Server platform and well integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (now part of Dynamics 365), Microsoft SharePoint, and WorkBuddy (a job management system). The solution allows for company-specific customisation and is also adaptable with changes in business requirements.

Mobile supervisor portal features

Mobile Supervisor Portal ensures businesses operate efficiently and stay customer-focused at all times.

Easy-to-use interface

An easy-to-use interface allows supervisors to create work orders, update staff rosters, approve timesheets and monitor staff performance with minimal stress and training.

Create work/job request

The Mobile Supervisor Portal allows, supervisors to create work orders directly from their mobile device, link it to the company’s central database and assign/schedule the work to a specific team or individual. Depending on the priority set to the work-order, staff can get started with the job and work on completing the task. The list of scheduled work-orders can be viewed directly from their mobile device.

Staff management

This solution allows supervisors to view and approve team timesheets from their mobile device. Once approved, the timesheets can then be sent to payroll for processing. Supervisors can also find and allocate relevant staff for a particular job/site right from his mobile portal. They can also manage team across different sites and organise staff based on their skill-sets and competencies ensuring inexperienced staff are not assigned major work-orders and field staff have access to all relevant documents required to complete their jobs.

Authorise costs and expenses

When employees need access to additional equipment/documentation, their requests can be approved/declined almost instantly by their supervisors via the mobile portal. Any job-related expenses can also be approved ensuring the job-order is completed on-time. The related expenditure can be communicated to payroll for staff-wage processing.

Reporting and analytics  

The Mobile Supervisor Portal seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint, and WorkBuddy (a job management system). The detailed analytics provides supervisors better visibility and insight into relevant work-related activities. The supervisors can thus handle all their managerial tasks as well as have an idea on what each staff member is doing and where their staff members are spending the majority of their time. This helps them mentor their team members and helps with their overall development.

The Mobile Supervisor Portal has been designed specifically for internal teams to coordinate and streamline work-orders; however it can be extended for communicating with clients, suppliers and vendors by including a form-based communication tracker that reports back to the company’s internal CRM. Overall, this solution has been designed to eliminate repetitive calls for timesheet approvals and staff frustration on not being able to find relevant documentation to complete a job.

Business benefits

Some immediate benefits offered by the solution include:

Reduced payroll tasks – The payroll team no longer need to wait to receive paper-based timesheet approvals to process payments; with the Mobile Supervisor Portal they have immediate access to all approved data that reduces their admin tasks and associated overheads.

Increased revenue As the Mobile Supervisor Portal is well integrated with CRM, the supervisor has access to updated client information and related work-orders helping them effectively schedule and manage the jobs with minimal confusion and ensure the client/site requirements are effectively met preventing revenue loss due to understaffed sites or missed deadlines.

Better decision-making – This solution provides a holistic view of the team’s activities and enables better decision-making for well-informed job-order scheduling on the go. It also helps handle any absence and holiday requests well in advance avoiding understaffed sites.

Mobile Supervisor Portal has helped companies cut-down their resources by almost 70% while at the same time increasing their job-order completion efficiency.

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