Quality Documents Management using Microsoft SharePoint Online


Using Microsoft SharePoint Online as a ‘Quality Document’ Management Solution allows companies to:

  • Store all their quality documents in a secure online repository,
  • Track revisions with version controls,
  • Apply user access restrictions or permissions, and
  • Ensure only accurate and up-to-date quality documents are available for use by employees.

Our solution extends the basic out of the box capabilities of SharePoint online in order to allow for tailored or sophisticated document approval processes which are critical to any Quality Management System or ISO Certifications.

Who needs a Quality Document Management Solution?

Any organisation that is interested in delivering quality goods or quality services, understands that quality has two fundamental attributes: it has a level and it has a degree of consistency. In a competitive business environment, the quality of goods and services contributes to the number of customers or clients attracted to a product. To satisfy clients and stay ahead of the competition, organisations must deliver a particular quality of goods and services on a regular and repeated basis. This often requires special policies, practices and procedures, some of which may need to be certified or ratified over time.

‘Quality Document’ Management Solutions are a must-have for companies that have internal policies, processes and procedures documented in manuals across a range of company-wide or departmental operations and activities. Quality Document Management Solutions are invaluable for business managers and/or quality assurance teams that must monitor and control operational activities in order to meet or exceed their quality objectives. Software can assist with the storage and management of all associated documents. It can also facilitate sharing between relevant parties to ensure any reviews or changes to quality documents or manuals are adequately assessed by relevant parties before dissemination and adoption by staff.

Major industries that can benefit from such a solution include (but are not limited to) organisations that are in: healthcare, construction, mining, manufacturing, and education.

Software features: ‘Quality Document’ Management Solution

The Empower IT ‘Quality Document’ Management Solution has a number of features including:

User Friendliness and Simplicity

The Empower IT ‘Quality Document’ Solution makes it easy to create, upload and search quality documents

Geographical Accessibility

The software is capable of handling a large number of documents that can be viewed and approved by users from different geographical locations.

Workflow Management

Software has the ability to map and manage strict document control workflows. In built workflows enable users to select reviewers and approvers in relation to any created ‘quality document’.

Document Taxonomy and Versioning

Software allows users to keep a record of all quality documents, including various drafts, changes and configurations. Documents can be easily modified, shared, reviewed and approved by multiple staff members.

Review Reminder & Instantaneous Distribution Functionality

The Empower IT ‘Quality Document’ Management Solution can be configured to remind quality managers or quality assurance officers about document reviews and approvals. Periodic reminders can be complemented by the ability to send instant notifications about new versions of quality documents.

Document Security

Strict security parameters can be configured to control changes and distribution of quality documents.

Compliance Management

The Empower IT ‘Quality Document’ Management Solution can be customised to handle various industry and government compliance or certification requirements ensuring your documents meet necessary benchmarks.

Process Automation

The ‘Quality Document’ Management Solution speeds up the document review and approval process. The time and resources saved through automation can be applied to more frequent improvements or to other business activities.


The solution can be configured and later adjusted according to organisation size, unique requirements and evolving processes.

Business Benefits: ‘Quality Document’ Management Solution

The Quality Document Management Solution helps businesses effectively manage their quality documents by offering:

Team Collaboration – The quality team can coordinate with other internal teams to create/modify a quality document. The Solution allows for seamless collaboration, eliminating the need to communicate via emails or phone calls. The document creation lifecycle is thus shortened and finished documents can be made available to company staff much faster and more effectively. Team collaboration in turn, improves transparency and accountability in terms of document creation and modification.

Regulatory Compliance – The ‘Quality Document’ Management Solution may be customised to meet government regulations, corporate responsibilities and other aims or standards (including ISO standards). Results of this may include the avoidance of sanctions or litigation, and/or increased sales due to independently assessed and certified processes and procedures (including quality assurance Solutions).

Cost Containment – In cases where there are a lot of ‘Quality Documents’, a ‘Quality Document’ Management Solution can ensure that fewer resources are required to review and revise existing documents. This means an organisation increases its productivity and can avoid adding additional staff members as may otherwise be required when using more traditional, manual-based Solutions.

Risk Mitigation – Workflows and processes built into the ‘Quality Document’ Management Solution reduce the risk of incorrect or outdated document usage. In doing so, the organisation can maintain both the level and consistency of quality across its products and can stay on the path of continuous improvement.

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