Raiser’s Edge Integrator


Raiser’s Edge Integrator is an external connector (add-on software) that allows the scheduled importing of donor data into Raiser’s Edge from an external data source.

Based on best-of-class Microsoft C# and .NET framework, it offers a rich feature-set solution supporting the assessment requirements for the accounts, finance and operations departments for Not-for-Profit organizations.

Why do businesses need a Raiser’s Edge Integrator?

raisers-edge-integration1Raiser’s Edge is a leading not-for-profit off-the-shelf system for Donor Management. This program allows the organization to acquire supporters, boost retention, upgrade donors and improve find-raising effectiveness.

All the donor and donation details that were externally captured via a web-form. All these records then had to be manually entered into Raiser’s Edge Fundraising software. This gave rise to a couple of main issues:

  • Lot of admin work for the back office staff
  • Possibility of manual data entry error
  • Tracking any lost record was a cumbersome process

Empower IT identified this roadblock and developed an add-on that they chose to name “Raiser’s Edge Integration”. This add-on solution allows user to schedule importing of data into Raiser’s Edge from an external data source.

Features & Benefits

raisers-edge-integration2Not only is manual data handling cumbersome and time consuming; there are chances of manual data entry errors. Identifying and tracking these errors is another task altogether.

By using an external connector such as Raiser’s Edge Integration software you can:

  • Automate the process of feeding the data to Raiser’s Edge Fundraising software.
  • Expect the software to send email reports in case of failed integration
  • Ensure compliance with Raiser’s Edge schema so you do not need to worry about mixing up the constituent records and gift records for example.

Additionally, this solution can also be extended to work with any ASP.NET based content management system or website.

“Human Appeal International Australia (HAIA), an organization that aims to strengthen humanity’s fight against poverty and social injustice has been using the Raiser’s Edge Integrator since 2010.”

If you are a Not-for-Profit organization and use Raiser’s Edge Fundraising software for managing your donor and donation information they and you wish to improve the productivity of your finance, accounts and operations team then you need the Raiser’s Edge Integration external connector.

To know more about how you and your organization can benefit from the solution, call now at 1300 797 888 for an obligation free discussion or write to [email protected] (Ref: Raiser’s Edge Integration)