Lead Management Solution

The Empower IT Lead Management Solution enables sales professionals to categorise/prioritise their qualified leads, streamline their lead management process & close deals faster.

Field Service Management Solution

The Empower IT Field Service Management Solution provides service-based organisations with a streamlined work-order management system and helps them effectively manage their field workers and technicians.

Cloud Project Management Solution

The Empower IT Cloud Project Management Solution allows project managers align project timelines, allocate tasks and resources, track project status and create a collaborative work environment for internal and external teams.

IT Request Form Solution for SharePoint

The IT Request form solution is a web-based platform for easy interaction between company staff and IT administrators offering better visibility into the requests made, approvals provided and actions taken.

Student Enquiry Management Solution for RTOs

The Empower IT Student Enquiry Management Solution has been designed to address the key challenges faced by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).

Quality Documents Management using Microsoft SharePoint Online

The Empower IT ‘Quality Document’ Management Solutions using SharePoint allows companies to: store all their quality documents in a secure online repository, track revisions with version controls, apply user access restrictions or permissions and ensure only accurate and up-to-date quality documents are available for use by employees.

ADP Payroll Integration

ADP Payroll Solution meets your businesses’ payroll needs, simplifies the admin tasks to improve staff productivity by allowing users to securely process employee payroll data. 

ConnX – SharePoint Integration

ConnX – SharePoint Integration provides access to correct documents within SharePoint & enables businesses to streamline and integrate their HR processes. 

Chris21 – SharePoint Integration

Chris21 – SharePoint Integration is a connector that has been designed to  achieve simple integration between Chris 21 and Active Directory for the human resources and payroll departments.