CRM-Gravity Forms Web2Lead Connector

Gravity Forms is a contact-form plugin for WordPress that allows WordPress users to capture lead information. The software features a drag-n-drop interface and allows users to select appropriate fields and configure options to create advanced and powerful forms without any programming knowledge.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a relationship management software that is designed to manage B2B and B2C relationships. The main reason of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM (now part of Dynamics 365) is recording the basic contact information such as phone number, address, role in the company, and so on. Often companies use Microsoft CRM to provide access to documents and company-related information. User permissions and restrictions are based on the user’s role as defined by Microsoft CRM.

Based on best-in-class Microsoft C# and .NET framework, Empower IT has developed the Web2Lead connector that connects Gravity Forms to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Why do I need CRM-Gravity Forms Web2Lead Connector?

The lead information captured via Gravity Forms can be accessed via the CMS portal. Usually, the content management/marketing team exports the lead data from the CMS portal and sends it across to sales for further action. The sales team creates records in CRM for each lead that came through and only then starts taking action. As the lead data cannot be exported and sent on real-time basis, the sales team may miss out on important opportunities.

To fix this issue, Empower IT developed a Web2Lead Connector to integrate Gravity Forms with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The Web2Lead Connector creates a contact record as soon as a contact form in submitted on the website and sends out an email to the sales team with the lead details. With the Web2Lead Connector sales team are able to act upon a contact query as soon as possible and bank on the opportunity that has come through.

Gravity Forms is one of the most popular WordPress plugin and Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the popular relationship-management solution used by organisation large and small. A Web2Lead Connector is thus useful for most businesses that do not want to miss out on lead opportunities.

Without the Web2Lead Connector, creating and maintaining lead records in CRM is a manual task and can take up lot of admin time. Sales teams need to spend more time selling and less time doing admin tasks to contribute towards the company’s revenue.

This connector is useful for organisations of all sizes and more so for businesses that have their sales teams out on the field or operating from a different location.

If you would like to help your sales teams function effectively and achieve their sales quota, then provide them with the Web2Lead Connector to integrate Gravity Forms with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Although developed mainly to integrate Gravity Forms with Dynamics CRM, we can customise this connector to integrate different types of CMS contact forms with your CRM database.

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