Work order management for construction and maintenance contractors

WorkBuddy is a cloud based job management platform for field service businesses to easily manage jobs, staff and customers. The system comes with a mobile app that helps field workers quote and invoice on the field and job safety checklists that keep workers compliant. Visual dashboards provide clear, actionable information on all jobs, so you’ll always know how your business is performing. The platform was designed to help business owners streamline job management to improve profitability and increase efficiencies.

WorkBuddy is a web-based solution that is licensed per user, per month. Designed as a complete work order management solution for government and facilities maintenance contractors. Everything your business needs to simplify workloads, save time and manage operations, all in the one place. It even integrates with your favourite accounting packages such as MYOB Online, Xero and Quickbooks Online.

Compatibility and integration

WorkBuddy was designed specifically to work with government type contracts and contracting businesses. This includes but is not limited to plumbing, electrical, carpentry and facilities maintenance for the purposes of completing work orders. Additionally, the app is compatible with contracts from Department of Human Services, Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC), Department of Education, Sydney Water and Department of Defence Housing (DHA).

The WorkBuddy app accepts emails from the following service companies:

WorkBuddy works on a simple principle, that when a job order arrives in electronic format, it creates a new job in the database by taking out all the relevant information from the work order. The initial work order is attached to the job for future reference. Once the job is created in the database, an invoice is created via the integrated accounting.

The WorkBuddy app is compatible with emails, PDF, XML, HTML, XLS and CSV document types. It also accepts business documents in the form of work orders, RCTI, finalisations and remittance advice.

WorkBuddy features

Features of the WorkBuddy app include:

Easy work order generation

Allows organisations to:

  • create, modify or delete work-orders,
  • add relevant notes or documents,
  • materials from inventory stock,
  • job-site arrival-departure timings, and
  • job-related expenses such as parking/accommodation.
Stress-free invoicing and billing

Takes inventory costs and any additional expenses while generating job-order invoices eliminating the manual calculation errors. With invoices now being created at any stage, companies have access to real-time data.

Automated job scheduling

WorkBuddy allows businesses to automatically schedule jobs to employees/contractors depending on their availability and skills. Employees accept/reject the assigned job-order almost instantly making it easy for companies to look for replacements if required. All the required materials can be scheduled to arrive at the job-location ensuring the job-order is completed and delivered on-time. The job-status can also be updated immediately with explanatory notes.

Detailed reporting and analytics

Detailed analytics helps organisations gain visibility into which projects yield maximum profit, why a job was not completed on time, or why a project is on-hold. This helps improve job-order management, plan inventory, process invoices and maintain a steady cash-flow. Companies can overview job orders and job site problems which help them propose measures to increase profitability.

Centralised repository

The platform acts as a central repository for all job-related data with details on contractors:

  • who worked on the job,
  • related expenses,
  • materials sourced,
  • client invoicing, and
  • payments made/due.

Companies can analyse trends to take on beneficial projects and avoid loss-prone orders. A list of all contractors contact information allows companies to easily make contact when their services are required. It is the one-stop-solution for operations, admin, payroll and management.

Incident reporting

Contractors are able to report incidents at their job-site almost immediately using the add-on incident management portal. This enables businesses to take appropriate action or preventive measures as the situation demands.

Business benefits

Organisations who use WorkBuddy for managing work-orders have reported improvements in job workflows and significant savings of time processing invoices. The platform reduces admin work and improves overall operational efficiency.

Some immediate benefits of WorkBuddy are:

  • reduced paperwork and minimised double data entry,
  • faster invoicing and improved cash-flow,
  • freed up time and maximised billable work,
  • eliminated need to manually organise files,
  • all communications stored in one centralised location,
  • easier scheduling of technical time,
  • better managed resources,
  • better business management, and
  • multi-use management.

As a WorkBuddy Certified Partner, we’ll help you get the platform up and running, with a dedicated Customer Success Manager that will:

  • scope and define business goals
  • assist with migration and setup, and
  • customise staff training to ensure your success

If you are interested in implementing WorkBuddy or just improving the efficiency of all your operations, contact our team on 1300 797 838.

All information was sourced from: WorkBuddy