As a StorageCraft Partner; Empower IT Solutions has been providing the necessary tools to help Australian organisations ensure their business stays open at all times. StorageCraft’s ShadowProtect, ShadowControl and Recovery Solutions; provide the technology that help seamlessly backup and recover company data.

With StorageCraft products organisations can backup and recover servers, virtual machines, desktops and workstations. Whether you’re running a small office or managing a large IT department, you are sure to benefit from StorageCraft products.


Backup your complete IT environment

Receive reliable backups of all your networks , including servers, desktops/laptops, or more specialised application servers, like SQL or Exchange. Backing up your data could mean the difference between losing 10 minutes or 6 months of work.

Monitor your defences

We keep an eye on your backups on every machine. When a backup doesn’t work the way it should, a machine runs out of storage space, or when any specified number of conditions are met, we get alerts, allowing us to deal with the situation then and there!

Manage your storage space

Don’t run out of space again! With StorageCraft, Empower IT Solutions is able to assist your business in identifying rules for different types of data. Through prioritising, categorising, and archiving, we are able to ensure that your devices are running fast, are left with the right amount of space and are performing at their absolute peak!

Test your backup files

With StorageCraft, you can test your image and Exchange Server backup and test if they function properly. By verifying the backup data is intact and in good state, it is easier to restore data during recovery.


Eliminate downtime

Recover with the click of a button! Don’t let technology hold your business back from moving forward. We work hard at the back end to ensure that the moment your systems fail or begin to fail for whatever reason, we will get you up and going almost instantaneously.

Recover from any disaster

Easily maintain copies of all your backup images in multiple locations, including locally and in our cloud, to prepare for any disaster, large or small. Recover quickly from any disaster no matter what devices or software you use.

Take control of your data

We live in an age of huge amounts of data. Taking control of that data becomes extremely important when running a business. You should have the ability to launch any program on a virtual machine. This allows us to safely test new software, access legacy applications, or bypass trouble on your active machine.

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