The Empower IT Student Enquiry Management Solution has been designed to address the key challenges faced by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). Developed using Microsoft Dynamics CRM (now part of Dynamics 365) and SharePoint, this solution has been developed to ensure compliance with eligibility criteria for VET Student Loans, WA Future Skills, NSW Smart and Skilled and QLD Certificate 3 Guarantee funded programs.

This solution has been developed to effectively manage the student enrolment’s lifecycle from enquiry to course enrolment. The flexible Student Enquiry Management Solution can be customised to integrate with Student Management Systems such as VETtrak, RTOManager and other custom built RTO software.

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Many RTOs are still using outdated or manual methods to record course enquiries, student-advisor communications and all the information prior to a student enrolling into a course or program. Manual record management processes are not just error-prone but expose businesses to compliance issues. Missing out on compliance can incur significant penalties and in fact many RTOs are seeing their funding cut or their RTOs closed down due to non-compliance.

By providing complete visibility of a prospective student’s journey starting from course enquiry to checking and validating course and/or fee-assistance eligibility to admission and program enrolment; the Student Enquiry Management Solution is a one-stop solution for organisations wishing to streamline their admission process and stay compliant with industry and government regulations.

If your organisation is an RTO that has a high volume of student enrolments or operates in multiple states in Australia, then our RTO solution is a perfect solution for your business.


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RTOs need to review their business strategy and objectives before evaluating any new software. The Empower IT Student Enquiry Management software has been designed to meet the specific business goals of RTOs. A snapshot of the features offered by the solution include:

Web to Enquiry / Lead

RTOs get a large volume of enquiries from prospective students regarding course details, enrolment processes, eligibility criteria, fee structure and more. Enquiries can come via phone calls, emails, web-forms. The Student Enquiry Management Solution facilitates capturing the enquiry into the RTO Student Enquiry Management system and recording and responding to all the enquiries on real-time basis either via emails or via online chats.

Enquiry and Admission Forms Management

The Student Enquiry Management Solution provides RTOs with the ability to create customised enquiry and admission forms. Manage all the form submissions electronically with minimal manual intervention. This eases the enquiry and admission management process.

Centralised Database:

Student Enquiry Management Solution facilitates a centralised portal to collect and manage prospective student data. The time a prospective student shows interest in a course/program to enrolment ranges from 6-18 months. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps track all student-advisor communication and provide relevant course advice and build ongoing relationship.

Automated Advisor Allocation:  

The Student Enquiry Management Solution facilitates RTOs to allocate the best career advisor to a student based on the advisor’s expertise and the prospective student’s course interest/enquiry. This aids in offering the best advice and course related information to the prospect.

Seamless Integration:  

The Student Enquiry Management Solution offers seamless integration with commonly used Student Management Systems including VETTrak & RTOManager and allows integration with accounting packages such as MYOB, QuickBooks and Xero. Integrating with ERP finance packages like Microsoft NAV and NetSuite is also possible through the use of API’s.

Software Scalability

The Empower IT Student Enquiry Management Solution is not just versatile and scalable, but is also able to adapt to the RTOs growing needs and increasing volumes of course enquiries.

Intelligent Analytics

The Student Enquiry Management Solution generates different types of intelligent analytics for the key stakeholders. Whether accessing the success-rate of a marketing campaign or interest on a newly introduced course; the management has all the necessary reports required to make effective data-driven business decisions. Share these reports and dashboards with relevant stakeholders securely encrypted over the internet; by using the functionalities offered by Microsoft Power BI.

Record Phone Conversations

Our solution integrates with modern VoIP systems to capture phone conversations between the students and course advisors to provide accountability and transparency with compliance audits.


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The Empower IT Student Enquiry Management Solution can be instrumental in RTOs staying compliant with regulatory standards, improving student enrolment/onboarding experience, automating administrative tasks and increasing ROI. Some of the high-level advantages of using our RTO Solution include:

Reduced Operational Costs – Keeping admin and operations costs low is one of the key priorities for RTOs. With the Student Enquiry Management Solution; RTOs can manage all their data from one platform and include workflows and processes to automate repetitive tasks reducing their operational costs.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance – The Student Enquiry Management Solution can be easily configured to accommodate regulatory standards. With the solution catering specifically to RTOs; Empower IT ensures all compliance concerns are reduced or eliminated allowing RTOs to direct their efforts to providing high-quality training.

Greater Staff Collaboration – With Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint as base; the Student Enquiry Management Solution serves as a centralised platform for collaborating and sharing news, events and ideas. This in turn reduces information gaps and provides better visibility into the prospective student’s lifecycle.

Increased Sales – RTOs usually have a wide network of independent student advisors and/or referral systems. With the Student Enquiry Management Solution; RTOs can track all the inflowing leads and prospects effectively to identify and capitalise on course selling opportunities. This system ensures the prospective student funnel is effectively monitored at all times.

Improved Decision Making – With all the enquiries managed electronically; the Student Enquiry Management Solution provides access to relevant real-time analytics promoting effective decision making.

Flexibility – RTOs can now adapt to changing government and industry regulations by; tailoring the Student Enquiry Management Solution according to the latest rules.


The features and benefits stated above are in no way an exhaustive list; with the Empower IT Student Enquiry Management System configurable to tackle a wide range of business challenges as well as improve efficiency.

Hence; if you are an RTO and would like to experience the benefits offered by our Student Enquiry Management Solution; call us on 1300 797 888. For a demo of the software, write to [email protected]. (Ref: Student Enquiry Management Solution)

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