Tag: microsoft crm based software

  • Project Expenses Management

    Project Expenses Management

    The Empower IT Project Expense Management Software provides businesses with the ability to coordinate and manage all project-related parameters such as: project budget approvals, project expenses, any additional hardware/software licensing costs, client invoicing, and outstanding payments.

  • Donor Management & Fundraising Software

    Donor Management & Fundraising Software

    Empower IT Donor Management and Fundraising software has been designed to help organisations collect data, target fundraising efforts, manage donor information, process donations and generate detailed analytics.

  • Client Portal

    Client Portal

    The Empower IT Client Portal is a private and secure web application that enables companies to share a selection of data, including: calendars, documents, notices and/or project related information with: clients, partners, and vendors.

  • Facilities Assessment Tool

    Facilities Assessment Tool

    The Facilities Assessment Tool is a mobile enabled portal that allows users to perform on-the-spot assessments of facilities and securely upload in real-time to Microsoft Dynamics CRM